Permanent Rush (or PermaRush, as we’re too busy to type out two words) is my 2016 Spring/Summer look. Throughout the week it’s an endless ticking off things on a to-do list, of laundry, of commuting, of forgetting your lunch break, of housework, of researching builders and decorators, of essay writing, of life admin and of perfecting the messy bun (because I do not have time to apply any type of styling prowess on my mop*) (*note to self: research shorter hair cuts)


And I’m pretty cool with that rushing around business. But the moment it starts encroaching on my weekend then we have problems. Because weekends aren’t for rushing. They are for sitting down with cups of tea and a book. For taking your time sanding down your staircase (decorating is my life now FYI) and not caring if you can’t get it done by the end of the day. For walking places. For cat videos. For wine.


This is the ultimate slow down addition to your next brunch.

Sweetened, creamy labneh on homemade bread toast with fresh figs, walnuts and honey.



For the labneh:
500gr natural or Greek yoghurt
25gr caster sugar

And everything else you’ll need:
Bread – seeded, multigrain bread is great for this
Figs – I used about one per slice
Walnuts – Optional, I used about two walnut halves per slice
Honey – As much as you want


First we’ll crack on with labneh, which is simply strained yoghurt. We’re going to take some of the water out of the yoghurt to make it thicker. Mix the yoghurt with the sugar well. Place a sieve over a large bowl, and line it with two layers of cheesecloth (or two layers of a new jay cloth (if I’m using a jay cloth, I take a new one out of the packet and then give it a good rinse out under the hottest water your hands can handle from your tap, squeeze it out, repeat with the hot water and the wrong out as much water as you can)

Pour your sweetened yoghurt into the lined sieve and gather up the corners and tie them together with some string. The yoghurt itself won’t soak through but almost straight away you’ll notice a clearish liquid dripping out. This is whey. WHEY COOL, amirite?


You need to suspend this over the bowl, I tied mine to the middle of a wooden spoon and suspended it over the bowl so there was plenty of room under it and it wouldn’t sit in the dripped out whey. Stick this in the fridge, or leave in a cool part of your kitchen overnight. The longer you leave it, the firmer it will be. I gave mine about nine hours so it was still soft, creamy and spreadable.

Unwrap your labneh carefully. It’s good to use straight away but if you put it in a sterilised jar, it’ll last for two weeks or so.


Toast some bread. I made a loaf of four seed whole grain bread. Spread on your labneh, top with the sliced figs, sprinkle on your walnuts, drizzle on your honey, enjoy your weekend


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