Sweet Things

 £1 Chocolate Cake

Blueberry & Nutmeg Madeleines

Boozy Ice Cream Floats

Chai Spiced Rice Pudding 

Coconut Meringue Gems

Coconut Rum Marshmallows

Coffee & Turkish Delight Granita 

Game of Thrones Macarons

Honey & Vanilla Penny Pancakes

Hot Cross Fudge 

Ice Cream Oysters

Kentish Ale Doughnuts

London Fog

Magic Chocolate Mud Pudding 

Mini Egg Easter Bread

Rhubarb Syrup 

Roasted Flat Peaches

Scottish Tablet Cookies

Savoury Things
Coconut & Chilli Cashews

DIY Sausages

DIY and Craft
Catnip Ice Cubes


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