Things I have learnt about Game of Thrones:


If something bad happens to someone because they were poking around, it probably isn’t a good idea for you to follow their lead. Oh, Ned.
Don’t ever pick a favourite. (Favourites = instant death)
Nothing good comes from either being married or going to a wedding.
(Bonus: It still isn’t really ok to talk about the Red Wedding)
Never trust a Freya Greyjoya Lannister anyone.
If you read the books and are ahead of the TV series then you constantly worry about spoiler verbal diarrhoea.
Dragons are totally badass
Jon Snow knows nothing.
Winter is coming.
More importantly, the next series starts on 7th April. I am excited.

Macaron recipe from here. Basic red buttercream filling.

This recipe and text was originally posted on Corner Cottage Bakery.  You can see the original post here.

Why is this post now here? Click here to read all about my move from Corner Cottage Bakery to Honey & Dough.

4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Macarons

  1. Annie says:

    I don’t watch Game of Thrones but these are totally awesome. Way to go.

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  3. Tatevik Lind says:

    What kind of colorant did you use to paint bright images on macarons? I tried using gel paste, but it either too dark, or if i bland it with water – becomes translucent like watercolors on paper.. Would also really appreciate advice with colorant. I live in Sweden and there isn’t much to choose here to try out, so will have to order from abroad but tough without testing, so would prefer to rely on someones advice 🙂

    Not gonna ask you where did you learn to draw so beautifully and only will complain on my horrible painting skills where a cat sometimes resembles a pig >.<

    P.S. – great blog btw! just stubbled on it while trying to find out more about madeleines and found myself browsing through your posts for quite a while 🙂


    1. Hi Tatevik. I use gel paste food colours from Wilton and Sugarflair. I used a cocktail stick to draw on the fine parts of the decals as I couldn’t find a paintbrush small enough in my house. The black Sugarflair paste actually becomes quite easy to work with if you put a small amount on a palette and just mush and move it around with a cocktail stick. I’m definitely no pro at this but I think people mix food colour pastes with alcohol rather than water, will have to research that a bit further! Thank you for your lovely comment about my blog 🙂 x

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