The obligatory year round up of my favourite posts from 2014 is coming at your face.

We started January with Chai Spiced Rice Pudding; a true winter warmer to give your insides a warm and snuggly hug.

IMG_6013In February, we ate Kentish Ale Doughnuts made with local ale and more ale laden glaze. No, you ate some of the glaze with a spoon.  Shut up.

Kentish Ale Doughnuts

In March, I broke all the things and made it better with teeny, tiny pancakes.  There is no logic to that sentence. Sorry, not sorry.


April was suddenly here and we scoffed Game of Thrones Macarons…



…and then I recounted some freaky childhood memories about ice cream vans with Ice Cream Oysters. 


May was a good month.  We shook Rhubarb Syrup with gin and vodka and all the spirits.


In June, we played with new kitchen toys and made DIY Sausages.  A ridiculous amount of fun although a lot of cleaning up…


I also went to Food Blogger Connect. 


July was the month of roasted nuts.  And by that I mean I posted one blog post on roasted nuts. Chili and Coconut Cashews. 


August, I took a leap of faith and launched Honey & Dough.  Scary? Yes.  Worth it? Yes.  It’s fine to admit that you outgrow things.  I made a cake to make it better too.


September was relaxing and calm and sunny and sated.  Jim and I went to be gypsies in Somerset for a few days…





…and then ate Damson Panna Cotta when we got back.


October brought a change in season and a change in moods.  Tiny plum and sloe gin hand pies and the irrational fear that inanimate object could come to life happened all in one post.


Also. Pizza Cake.  Not going to explain that one any further.  It is what it is.



I started Christmas prep early in November with these Chocolate Orange Freezer Cookies.  Make in bulk and stock up, instant cookies.  Almost.


December, I blogged every. damn. day.  It was harder than it looked but it made me realise that I value quality over quantity.  When you’re scrabbling around for content and all you manage to drag up is some dodgy photos of your Christmas Tree that you took on your iPhone, you got problems.  It was kind of fun though and really got me in the Christmas spirit.






So that was my year.

Here’s to you, you lovely reader.  Have a bloody smashing 2015.


2 thoughts on “2014

  1. Jo says:

    Yay for pizza cake! I’m also seriously loving the sound of chai spiced rice pudding. A fantastic winter warmer.

    I was also seriously impressed that you managed to post daily throughout December. All my December bakes seem to get lazily crammed into one mega post around Christmas Eve. Hope you have another good baking year!

    1. Thank you Jo. Blogging every day in December nearly killed me, I utilised the schedule posts option quite a lot as I work full time! Pizza cake and that rice pudding were easily my favourite posts of the year!

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