Honey & Dough - Italian Berry Cake
1553 days ago
It was a Saturday night in May. And I was turning the cottage upside down because couldn’t find the recipe to my favourite cake.
The story is a long one.  It was handwritten, on the back of a piece of wrapping paper.  It’s smudged with cake batter and raspberry smush.  I don’t know where it came from.  It’s not in my handwriting. There was no use in guessing the quantities although I could reel off the ingredients.
Honey & Dough - Italian Berry Cake
I had bought one of those recipe binders. The ones where you can write in the recipes or slot in clippings. Was it in the binder?  No. Because, logic.
I needed a place to keep my things together that didn’t rely on my elite binder organisational skills.  I started a blog called Corner Cottage Bakery. I fired off a first post, so safe in the knowledge that I could delete it if I showed it as much love as my binder.
 I did show it a lot more love (and blood, and sweat, and a few tears) than I did the binder.
The recipe turned up. Eventually. I blogged about it here.
IMG_7068 Today
The Italian Berry Cake isn’t my favourite cake any more.  It’s a comfy pair of jeans that fits you but has a hole in the crotch or those worn in converse.  And that is what Corner Cottage Bakery has become for me. It’s moved from awful iPhone photography and exclamation marks to the present day. Growth and change is inevitable.
Honey & Dough - Italian Berry Cake
This isn’t a bad thing at all though.  It’s good and it’s healthy.  I want to widen those horizons, push myself, and a new platform for this is going to be right where you are now, Honey & Dough. 
Honey & Dough - Italian Berry Cake
Not a huge amount is going to change.  You’ll still get my posts that start off talking about how my handbag has reached sentience or what 16 year old me would think of me.  You’ll still get a blog with an owner who won’t sell her soul for a bag of peanuts.  A blogger who takes photos of cake because that is what she likes. You’ll still get cat photos on my instagram and nerd pins on my Pinterest. You’ll get more posts on things like how I made my sister an 8ft giant squid pillow too. I hope you’ll stick with me during the transition. I’m unbelievably grateful that you are here.
Honey & Dough - Italian Berry Cake

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Honey & Dough

  1. Beautiful writing, looking forward to joining yo on this adventure.

  2. Loved Corner Cottage Bakery and your lovely new blog promises to be even more exciting – best of luck!

  3. sorry for getting here late! i tried on august 1 but i think due to time differences, down here in the southern hemisphere … well, i’m here now.
    cant ait to see how this unfolds. had no idea though honey & dough had been giong since january! forgive me!

    1. Hi E, thanks for coming over! I just transferred the posts from 2014 over from Corner Cottage Bakery so it didn’t seem so quiet around here 🙂 x

  4. Hi Hannah, I’ve just twigged that you’ve moved from CCB! Honey & Dough is very beautiful, well done!

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