This month’s We Should Cocoa is hosted by Elizabeth at Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary who has gone for the saviour of the summer and challenged us to make ice cream based beauties and topping treats.  You can read all about We Should Cocoa on Choclette’s blog by clicking here. 

Say floats to me and I don’t think of creamy, fizzy, brain freeze inducing drinks. 

Nope.  I think of carnival floats. 

The highlight of the Brownie and Girl Guide calendar but now rarely seen.  They were themed, I vividly remember wearing a lion costume, with full face paint, for the Wizard of Oz float we did one year.  We’d throw sweets and wave at people. Then we would crash out like tiny rockstars, high on sugar and crepe paper and face paint fumes. 

These boozy ice cream floats will also make you feel like a rock star.  But that kind of depends on how much liquor you put in them.


Full fat coke. No room for diet here. 

Your favourite spirit that will mix with coke. Vodka, amaretto, rum or bourbon welcome at this party. 

Soft scoop ice cream. Vanilla, preferably. You could posh this up with fancy ice cream if you want to.

Melted dark chocolate


The golden rule with a coke float is fizzy first. Half fill a tall glass with cola and one shot (two shots, who are we kidding…) of your preferred tipple. Gently place in a scoop or two or ice cream. Top with a little melted chocolate. 

Drink through a straw or else ice cream float tash. 

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