Halloween Collage 1

1. Skeleton Jumper (via Asos)
Not only is October the spooky month; it’s also the month for knitwear.  Let’s combine these two things into this sweet jumper dress

2. LED Candles from The Contemporary Home (via Not on the High Street)
I’ve developed a soft spot for real wax LED candles. Y’know because I’m lazy and I can never find matches. These are great for spooking up a mantelpiece or coffee table.

3. Eat, Drink and Be Scary (via Etsy)
I try and apply this motto to everyday life.  Mainly the be scary part. Ok, mainly the eating and drinking part.  This is so sweet for halloween though.

4. X Files box set
Hiding under a blanket on the sofa while everyone’s two favourite FBI agents fight things that are a bit creepy? Yes. We’re on Season 5.

Halloween Collage 2

5. Skull necklace (via Etsy)
Sometimes, you don’t want to go over the top with the halloween attire.  This necklace is perfect for creeping up an outfit.

6. Pumpkin string lights (via Lights 4 Fun)
Put these in your window and attract trick or treaters.  Or don’t put them in your window, turn off all the lights and scoff all the fun sized chocolate bars you can get your hands on.  No one is judging you here.

7. Skeleton leggings (via Ebay)
Leggings for life.  You could go full skeleton with these and the skeleton jumper dress above.

8. Chocolate skulls (via Firebox)
These are creepily realistic.  I’d still eat one though. After doing a killer Prince Hamlet impression, of course. But what’s makes these even scarier, is the price. Ouch…

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