You know those things like 30 day squat challenge or 100 Happy Days?  I am shit at them.  I have interest for all of about two weeks and then I just lose it. Naturally, I’ve decided to blog every day up to Christmas as I fell into a bit of a blogging funk in November. We’re starting with the December Lust List.

December Lust List Part 1

1.  Cardamom Gin – Not only is the label super beautiful; cardamom infused gin sounds perfect for winter gin cocktails.

2. Unicorns Made Me Do It Jumper – They did.  They are going to march me into New Look and threaten to stab me if I don’t buy this jumper.  There was no chance of getting through this Lust List without something unicorny.

3. Cat Salt and Pepper Pots – You know I’m a crazy cat lady. I think these are cute and will add a feline touch to any dinner party.

4. Cat Food Bin – We feed our cats a dry food called Canagan.  The fat and fussy cat likes it and it makes both their coats super shiny and soft.  The problem with it is that it smells so bloody bad.  You don’t clip that cat food bag up properly after feeding the mogs, go to work, you will seriously know about it when you get back.  I heart the handy scoop too.

December Lust List Part 2

5. Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Attachments – I had probably one of the cheapest ice cream machines in the history of ice cream machines and it died a slow and painful death a few weeks ago.  Plus I just want fancy things for the KA.

6. Friendship bracelets – Ooh. Shiny.

7. Spaghetti Measure – It looks like a weird sex toy but I can only make two sizes of spaghetti portions.  One being for half a child and the second being for sixteen people.

8. Christmas Pud Hot Water Bottle – LOOK AT HIS FACE!

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