iPhoto LibraryI wrote over 300 blog posts on Corner Cottage Bakery and it was kind of hard to leave that all behind when starting Honey & Dough.  Not only were there some of my favourite recipes on there, there were also those little stories and bits of narrative that sway away from the “I had some apples, so made an apple pie” kind of blogging.


This recipe was about how I went to Iceland and basically ate all the things.  I brought back some chocolate and decided to carry on the theme of excess by making this beautiful Chocolate and Port sauce.  I had to reshare this one.



300gr chocolate (45%)
200ml double cream
4tbsp ruby port


1. First, bring the cream up to a gentle simmer in a small milk pan.  Remove from the heat and stir in the port.
2. With the pan still off the heat, add in the chocolate and stir a couple of times.


3.  Leave this to sit for a couple of minutes before stirring into a smooth chocolatey sauce. Give it a quick taste.  You might want to add in more port, I like my sauce to have a super boozy kick here.
4. Pour into some sterilised jars, tiny ones would be cute if you are doing gifts.
5.  It will set when cool so reheat before serving.



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