Christmas Sugar Cubes 1Another cheeky repost from last year but, again, they are one of the best things to have a stash of in your kitchen.  DIY christmas spiced sugar cubes for everything to your coffee to crumbling over your porridge.

Christmas Sugar Cubes 2


70gr caster sugar
1tsp of Christmas Spice Blend*
2 drops orange extract

Christmas Sugar Cubes 3Method

1, Put the sugar in a small bowl and mix together
2, Drop in the orange extract and then gradually drop in water, ever so slowly, mixing well between each couple of drops.  You want it to be the consistency of damp sand.  Press gently into your moulds and leave somewhere warm, uncovered, until they are dry.  Store in an airtight container.


Christmas Sugar Cubes 4*Christmas Spice Blend
2tbsp of cinnamon,  all spice, ginger and nutmeg together with two ground cloves. Scale up or down according to need.


4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day Twenty-One: Christmas Sugar Cubes

  1. Unsmileys says:

    Nice DIY 🙂
    But do I need to use only caster sugar?

    Hi 🙂
    Please check out my blog & if you want 🙂 Thank you so much.It means a lot. And you have a really nice blog 🙂 Best wishes
    Happy blogging 🙂

    1. Hi! Yes, only caster sugar – the spice mix gives it the brown colouring.

  2. I like this! Especially the spice part – I see myself adding this to my chai.

    1. Brilliant idea! Best thing about them is you can tweak whatever spices go into them to suit your favourite drinks!

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