We’re all in for making stocks from our Sunday roast bones or those wilty looking vegetables in the bottom of the fridge. We’ll mush overripe bananas into banana bread and occasionally roast leftover butternut squash seeds but how far is too far for the full time, commuting, running, part time studying human being? Time is a precious thing.


I mean, I meal plan to cut down on waste but am I going to save the juice from when I chop tomatoes or keep my spring onion ends in a glass of water?

If there is a handful of something I might toss it in the compost bin. But this is a different matter. What do you do with the leftover pulp from making almond milk?


2 cups of almonds
Vanilla extract (optional)
Sweeter of your choice (optional)


1, Soak your almonds in water overnight. They will loose their natural almond wrinkles as they soak.
2, Rinse them well and then put them in your blender. For every cup of almonds you used, add in two cups of water and a tiny pinch of salt.
3, Blend until the almonds have been broken down as finely as you can manage. Try not to blend it for too long as you don’t really want it being too warm.
4, Strain the entire lot through a cheesecloth over a fine sieve. Let this strain through for ten minutes and then gather up the ends of the cheesecloth and squeeze it until you get out as much milk as you can.
5, Decant into a sterilised bottle or large mason jar and add in any sweetness or flavourings you like. I like half a teaspoon of vanilla extract in mine.
6, Pour on things like cereal, make porridge, slosh in coffee. Win at life.


But seriously, what do you do with the leftover pulp?

2 thoughts on “DIY Almond Milk

  1. afterwod says:

    Great post, definitely winning at life! Once the pulp is dried we like to use it to make our Dark Chocolate Cranberry cookies . Get the recipe at Let us know how this works out!

    1. Lovely idea! Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 x

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