I will kill any houseplant that you put in front of me.  Currently, I am in possession of a very sad looking orchid.

I make up for this by having ok vegetable growing skills and being a cut flower aficionado.  I know about a million tips for cut flowers. I know how to revive roses, how to de-pollen lilies and which flowers are effectively cat poison (I’m looking at you chrysanthemums…)


The most annoying part of cut flowers is when this happens.  When you have a mixed bunch and some crap out really quickly.  It’s tempting to throw the whole lot but I like to downsize mine into a little posy which can brighten any corner.  First, hike the whole bunch out of the vase and chuck out the dead one.


You might have enough for a little posy but I like raiding my garden for extras.  Anything will do, even greenery.


Trim everything down, arrange and tie with twine. Snip the bottoms and pop in a small vase or jug.  Ta-da.  Same flowers, new life. If only for a week or two. IMG_3614

One thought on “Bunch to Posy

  1. Jo says:

    So pretty! Sadly I’m not remotely green fingered. Everything I touch dies and I don’t seem to possess any flower arranging skills. My cut flowers look as if they’ve just been dumped into a jar/vase with absolutely no thought. Haha!

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