Tea and biscuits is one of the best things about being British.  It can heal broken hearts and temper break downs.  It can pick you up and relax you.  So when I got approached to review these biscuit cutters from Dexam, it was an instant yes.


The cutters encompass four of the most popular and recognisable British biscuits: the custard cream, the bourbon, the jam treat, and the party ring. The party ring and jam treat have separate hole cutters which can handily be stored on the main cutter itself so they don’t get misplaced.  Best thing about DIY-ing your own classics is that not only do you get a punch of nostalgia, you can change up the biscuit dough and fillings with your own flavour combos. I’m definitely going to revisit these.


I was surprised at how well the custard cream cutter stamped a good indent into the face of the biscuit. If you keep the cutter clean between uses then they are really easy to use.  If you don’t, then you end up with this:


The only strange thing I found about the cutters were the fact that the cutting edge sloped inwards slightly so you don’t get a very clean cut around the outside of the biscuit.

The jam biscuits and party rings also came out well. Slap in a bit of filling or some glace icing and you’ve got a plateful of really sweet looking treats.



The cutters are available from Fenwicks now or online (by clicking here), retailing at £10.99.


I received these cutters free of charge to review. I haven’t been paid to write this review and all opinions are my own. 

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