It’s that time of year again!

Christmas Lust List (1) Collage

  1. Shout your love of avocados from the rooftops with this phone case. Putting them on toast is going to be so 2015. We’re putting them on our phones.
  2. I bought my husband a leather and metal engraved bracelet from Lisa Angel (via Not on the High Street) earlier in the year and I was so impressed by the quality, service and speed they got it to me.  I love these bar pendant necklaces. Rose gold everything.
  3. Dotcomgiftshop has got your inner ornithology hipster covered with these cushions. The Goldfinch one is my most favourite.
  4. No, your travel mug exploded (in your new handbag) and ruined your copy of The Order of the Phoenix. If that’s not an excuse to buy this entire beautiful set of Harry Potter books, then I don’t know what is.
  5. Clutch bags and I don’t get on.  I get cold sweats when I carry less than four lip balms and three pens with me. But this clutch bag.  This clutch bag can stay.
  6. Weirdo bit of cropping here but SPIRALIZER ATTACHMENT FOR KITCHENAIDS. Don’t know why I want it. I just want it.
  7. My name is Hannah and I am super behind the times. This Naked 3 palette has been out for MONTHS and I still haven’t got my sticky paws on it.
  8. Every year there is going to be champagne saucers.  This year they are gold rimmed and beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day One: Christmas Lust List 2015

  1. That avocado phone case is everything

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