Seamlessly flowing in from yesterday’s post about being all warm and comfy, let’s talk Christmas jumpers.  Christmas Jumper Day is on the 18th December and it’s a great day to raise some cash for a brilliant charity, Save the Children.

Here are some of my favourite jumpers:

PicMonkey Collage

1. Looking super cosy, this is one of the classier jumpers I have picked from ASOS.
2. Christmas isn’t Christmas without Doctor Who. Show your love for it with this superb jumper from I Want One Of Those.
3. Mr Honey & Dough has bought this Christmas jumper for Christmas Jumper Day because STARWARSISCOMINGOUTSOONOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!
Sorry. I’m just so excited.
4. I bought this beaut last year for Christmas from Tipsy Elves. Nothing says Christmas like a T-Rex.
5. It’s a cat. With sparkly antlers. Thank you, H&M.
6. This red and white masterpiece is from New Look.
7. You are now about to witness the strength of Christmas knowledge. Straight outta Lapland, crazy bearded dude called Santa, from a gang with elves and Prancer. When he’s called off, he saw your list off, he says the word and your presents get sent off. Ok. I’ll stop now. This jumper is from Etsy.
8. SANTA RIDING A UNICORN. Another stunner from Tipsy Elves.

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