2015 was the year of the hot sauce for me. From my first foray, into subsequent batches to keep my blood hot sauce level at a healthy level, of course it was going to get a Christmas makeover.


200gr chillies
2 red peppers
3 cloves of garlic
100gr fresh cranberries
150ml water
3tbsp honey
1/2tbsp table salt
60ml white wine vinegar
Super finely grated zest of one clementine
1/4 tsp all spice



1, Chop off the stems of the chillis and roughly chop, seeds and all. De-stem and de-seed the red peppers, roughly chop these too. Remove the skins of the garlic cloves.  Stick the whole lot, along with the cranberries, in a blender with the water, honey and salt and blitz until you have a pulpy mash.
2, Transfer this into a clean mason jar or a glass bowl and cover loosely with clingfilm.  This needs to now ferment.
3, It needs a minimum of three days.  Stir it daily and check on process.  It needs to be a bit bubbly. There is a video on my instagram page if you’re unsure. This boils down to how hot your kitchen is. When I was hot sauce testing in July, it was fermenting really quickly and ready after two to three days.  In November, I had to wait four to five days.
4, After four days, mine was bubbling away and had that telltale hot sauce smell.
5, Transfer back into your blender, add in the vinegar and blitz until you can get this as smooth as possible. Work this through a fine sieve to give you a smooth sauce.
6, Stick this into a small saucepan and bring to a really gentle simmer.  Reduce the sauce down to your desired consistency.  I ended up with about 300ml. Stir through the clementine zest and all spice whilst the sauce is still piping hot.
7, Check for seasoning and pour the hot hot sauce into sterilised preserving jars or bottles.  This should keep for three months unopened, or four weeks opened.  Keep in the fridge once opened.  Put on all the leftovers.


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