One: Family. I count myself lucky every day that my family are so incredible rad. We don’t live in each other’s pockets but I know full well that if I needed one of them, they would be there. I love Christmas Day with them; it reminds me how chill and individual each one of them are.

Two: Mince pie, cheese and champagne breakfasts.  They are a thing. And you should have one. Or two. Lies actually, you need at least three.


Three: Those cosy cups of coffee you have with your best friend in between Christmas and New Year.

Four: That one practical gift that you screw your nose up at that becomes an integral part of your daily/weekly routine. I don’t need a shower radio. But I’d use the hell out of it. Thank you.


Five: One of my cat’s look of sheer happiness when the tree goes up. It’s her favourite thing. Mainly the hiding underneath it and taking swipes at passing ankles.

Six: Finding the Christmas Monkey for the tree.  Long story short: we couldn’t afford a tree topper when we first lived together.  So we used a cuddly toy monkey. Ten christmases on and a marked increase in our disposable income and I don’t have the heart to replace him. It wouldn’t be Christmas without him.


Seven: Cinnamon/mulled wine anything and everything.

Eight: Hastily refreshing your makeup and hair do at your desk for after work christmas meet ups with friends.


Nine: Leftovers. I’m talking epic sandwiches and mountains of bubble and squeak. The latter must have an egg on it.  It is the law.

Ten: Christmas Eve gin and tonics.


3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day Twelve: 10 Things I Love About Christmas

  1. I totally agree, christmas eve cocktails are a must! I love your photos so much by the way. Can I ask what camera/editing software you use?

    1. Thank you 🙂 x I don’t use anything flashy – just a Canon 500D with a 18-55mm or 50mm lens. I import them onto Photos on my MacBook and just clean them up but adjusting the saturation etc.

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