I love that part of Christmas where you just start eating food at weird times of the day. I’m talking about the mince pie, cheese and champagne breakfasts. The perfect acceptable piece of Christmas cake at 3pm, despite the fact you’ve just hoovered up a leftovers sandwich. Midnight bubble and squeak sessions that inevitably happen because you’re probably a bit squiffy from stating your day drinking.


Stilton isn’t typically a breakfast thing but if we put it in scones then maybe we could pass it off as brunch?

Cocoa nibs add that nutty and slightly bitter aspect to fend off some of that stilton richness.


250gr self raising flour
Pinch of salt and coarsely ground black pepper
50gr butter
125gr blue stilton
2 level tbsp of cocoa nibs
150ml milk


1, Preheat your oven to 200 o/c and line a baking sheet with greaseproof paper.
2, Place the flour and butter into a stand mixer with a paddle attachment and mix until you have a fine breadcrumb consistency.  This is a lazy way of rubbing butter into flour.
3, Add in the stilton and cocoa nibs, and turn the mixer onto the slowest setting. Slowly pour in the milk until it starts to form a ball. You don;t want the dough to be sticky so might not need all of the milk, add it in slowly.
4, Form the dough into a flat disc, around 6 inches round. Cut into six even segments and place them onto your prepared baking sheet, leaving a gap between each one.
5, Bake for 20-25minutes until golden brown.


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