December Christmas Lust List

1. Mulled Wine Warmer – I drink a lot of mulled wine over Christmas.  Any gadget, that looks this pretty, that will assist me in mulled wine guzzling is going to be my best friend.

2. Gold Patterned Plates – Bling plates will see you right through from pre-christmas parties loaded with canapés to New Years Eve.

3. Santa Face Bowl – I want to fill his head with popcorn and then eat it whilst pretending to be a zombie. Braaains. So festive.

4. Christmas Napkins – Simple red and white patterned paper napkins suitable for every table.

5. Christmas Pudding Teapot – I want this for Chrismas morning; despite the fact I’m the only person that drinks tea in my house… Grumble…

6. Jingle Bell Lights – My kitchen needs jingly bells and lights.

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