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At the end of every Christmas season, you will have the obligatory basket of nuts.  Someone has already picked out all the walnuts and they are the last thing standing; even after someone has finished off the toffee pennies in the Quality Streets tin. Why not use some of them up for a long lasting decoration?  You will need a couple of things:

photo 1

A glue gun.

photo 2

A small 12cm foam ring.

photo 3


photo 4

Simply glue the nuts around the form and then fill in the gaps with bits of knotted garden twine and springs of fir.  Add on a little bow and something to hang it up with.  A handy glue gun tip – you can blast those little annoying glue strings away with a hairdryer.

One thought on “Blogmas Day Nine: DIY Nut Wreath

  1. isabella says:

    Such a pretty wreath; I will definitely make it for my front door the season!

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