I didn’t think I needed a glue gun until I met Pinterest.  I finally caved and bought one, mainly so I could make these cute little sewing kits.  You will need: a preserving/canning jar with a two piece lid


Some kind of wadding or loose fabric scraps you have around the house. Pile these up on top of the inside of the like this:


Cut out a circle of fabric and arrange it like this.


Tightly bring the edges up bit by bit and glue them securely into place.  I also cut a disc of fabric to cover the bottom so it doesn’t look so shabby.


Add the sec on part of the canning lid and you can glue this together but make sure you can still screw the lid shut.


Screw this onto the jar which you can fill with handy sewing accessories.


And pop some pins in the top.  You’re done!

2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day Twelve: DIY Sewing Kit in a Jar

  1. Jo says:

    Really cute idea, I especially love the heart shaped pins!

    I remember when my flatmate got a glue gun at uni (she was studying architecture.) We had so much fun playing with it that we used up all the glue in one evening!

    1. Thank you Jo, I’ve been using it so much recent that I just speeded through an entire pack of mini glue sticks! I feel it could become an expensive hobby!

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