Edited Cat Toy 4

Cat nip mice are so last year.  You need the Cat Twizzler in your life.

Edited Cat Toy 5

A woollen cat proof turkey twirler-esque toy.  It’s so easy.

Edited Cat Toy 3

Utilising some of the most basic crochet skills in the history of basic crochet skills, chain around 30 stitches.  Longer, if you want a bigger toy.  Next, in the second chain from the hook, place a single crochet.  You want to place this through one of the loops on the top of your chain.  See handy arrow below.  Continue along the chain, back towards the tail end, placing single crochets in each top loop.  As you crochet along, it will start to curl up.

Edited Crochet Cat Toy 1


When you get to the end, snip the wool and pull it through your last crochet.  Tie the two ends together very tightly and snip off the excess wool.  You can rub a bit of catnip on them if your cat has a nip problem.

Edited Cat Toy 2

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