First, you will need a road. We picked Route 1.


Second, you will also need a car.  We picked a new Ford Mustang.



And then you drive. IMG_8152

We stopped for lunch at Lucia Lodge where the burgers were big but the salads were bigger. And beautiful.





 We booked a cheap motel in Cambria.  Not only did it break up the monotony of a 480 mile drive, but it gave us the true road trip feel.  Cambria is perfect for this. It’s a small town with a brilliant craft beer company – Cambria Beer Company – where we sank a couple of pints before dinner.  We ate at Robins for dinner; garlic bread, crab cakes, steak and the most tender and (hate this word) moist pork loin in the history of pork loins.


Setting off for LA early, the sun was beautiful. IMG_8165



One thought on “The Road: Honey & Dough Road Trip (Part 2)

  1. thatemily says:

    Great photos! And a great car for the trip!!!

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