IMG_8181We didn’t spend long in LA. In fact, all we really did was sunbathe in Santa Monica, eat around in Koreatown, Little Armenia and Thai Town and then wander around the walk of fame.  One full day in LA coming at your face.













Where did we eat?

Ham Ji Park: Korean barbeque and salads plus loads of barley water because it was crazy hot outside.
Zion Market (at City Centre): Bean paste pastries with walnuts and korean sweet custard filled sweet buns shaped like fish
Sasoun Bakery: Cheese and onion bourek – like a folded flatbread stuffed with cheese and chopped onions.
Spicy BBQ: Hot Thai chicken soup with sweet Thai tea
Falafal Arax: Honestly the best falafel I have ever eaten.
Panos Pastry: Baklava
Silom Market: Fortune cookie-esque “tacos” filled with coconut cream and sweet egg yolk
Pono Burger: 1/3lb burgers cooked to absolute perfection.  Craft beer, sweet potato fries and their salted caramel bacon milkshake are legend.
Lucky’s Tavern: Craft beer. All of the craft beer.
I also ate a Taco Bell. Not quite sure how I feel about it.  Was a little tipsy.
(Sorry not sorry that this post is pretty much just pictures of food)



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