I start craft projects and then don’t finish them.  I currently have the following on the go: A cross stitch, a giant granny ripple stitch crochet blanket, I have pictures to frame and furniture to paint.


But there is one thing that will motivate me to finish a craft project.  And that is the prospect of a new nephew.
And he is here and he is incredibly beautiful.


I used three skeins each of a thick grey and a thick off white Women’s Institute Wool I picked up from Hobbycraft. I used this tutorial. The pattern is really easy once you get going and works up very quickly.  It took me about a weekend to finish then a couple more hours to sew in the ends, wash and block.


5 thoughts on “Grey & White Shell Stitch Blanket

  1. Beautiful! I love it! Nothing gets me motivated like a new baby or a bridal shower!!

    1. Thank you 🙂 it’s definite motivation when you have a new baby deadline!

  2. WOW that is such a nice gift! It looks like you bought it. I made some amigurumi sheep for two coworkers who are leaving to have their first babies, and I always worry that what I make doesn’t look professional enough to give to others. If your little nephew was born this year, you could make him a crochet sheep as a keepsake (it’s the year of the sheep). I posted the pattern on my site – though I did stop by to admire your blanket, not to share that haha.

    1. Thank you; buying it certainly would have been easier than sewing in all of this ends! Love the idea of a little sheep 🙂

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