Thank you to Emily of Emily’s Recipes & Reviews for tagging me in the #fdbloggers get to know. The food blogging community is ever growing and expanding with new faces, new sites, new ideas and new experiences, and I’m proper looking forward to getting to know more people a bit better.

Name: Hannah

Blog: Honey & Dough


What was your reason for starting a blog?

In 2009, I was turning my house upside down trying to find a recipe that was written on the back of a piece of wrapping paper. I’m not known for my organisational skills when it comes to recipes.  I decided to try and get my shit together by posting them on a blog (aka, something easily searchable)  I didn’t expect anyone to read it, I didn’t know that I would meet some A-class people along the way, and I didn’t think I’d still be at it years later.


What’s the dish you’re most proud of?

Hands down – Pizza Cake.  Pizza Cake is more than just a cake made of pizza;  it’s a bona fide lifestlye choice.  One that we should all consciously choose to make.


What one kitchen utensil could you not live without?

Whilst I deeply love Rosie, my KitchenAid, it has to be the humble silicone spatula.  Good for folding and mixing, scraping, and flipping omelettes.

You’re stranded on a desert island. What three ingredients do you take with you?

Eggs – Rather impractical but eggs are pretty much life.  Honey – don’t think I could live without honey. Black pepper – saviour of any savoury dish.  (I’d DIY my own sea salt, obvs. I’m one of those people…)


Who do you take inspiration from?

Other bloggers are an ever changing source of inspiration, especially when they use ingredients in a 100% different way to which you would.  I love seeing people use a recipe but saying “I added this in” or “I swapped this ingredient in”.


(Also, I don’t start studying again for another month so I have been playing a butt ton of Elder Scrolls online which involves “provisioning” food and drinks, using recipes. Fermented treacle tea and ginger chai = inspiration.  If anyone wants to come and hang out with me whilst playing, drop me a tweet and we can meet up to go smack some shit up)


Your favourite social platform?

Instagram.  I love the “behind the scenes” nature of it. I post photos and updates about what I’m eating, doing, seeing, thinking and none of that would be featured on my blog, and I really like seeing other people’s lives in the same way. (I’m nosey as fuck and do want to know what you put in your breakfast smoothie, what your new running shoes are like and your new hand cream).  Also, nothing can make you feel better like searching the #kittensofinstagram hashtag.

Biggest disaster in the kitchen?

Eesh.  I made a big layered lemon cake once.  I stacked the three layers of lemon sponge cake with lemon curd and buttercream; but I hadn’t let the cake cool properly.  The layers effectively slid off each other, straight off the worktop and onto the floor. Bad cake times. Cool yo cakes.

Cool Yo Cakes

Favourite spot for coffee?

At weekends: Fortify Cafe.  They’ve just gone full vegan (they used to be a vegetarian cafe) and is well worth a punt for a good post gym coffee.

During the week: Knockbox Coffee on Lamb’s Conduit Street.  It’s the perfect distance for a lunch time walk for caffeine.  Also, their red velvet cake is lush.


Favourite food photo you’ve taken?

It’s actually quite an old macaron photo from my previous blog. Nothing too fancy or flashy.  No props.  Just the best macarons I’ve ever made.

French Martini Macarons

What would you say was your most successful blog post and why?

In terms of hits, it was my Coconut Rum Marshmallows.  Summer in a marshmallow.

Coconut Rum Marshmallows

Now nominate three food bloggers you’d like to get to know more.

Flick at They Called It The Diamond Blog

Jenna at Raw Rhubarb

Christina at Scaredy Cat Kitchen

2 thoughts on “#fdbloggers Get to Know

  1. I love pizza cake – why have I not known about this – I need pizza cake

  2. Emily says:

    I don’t know what I want more – pizza cake or those leggings. Great post Hannah. Eggs are life *nods wisely* xx

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