I used to work with someone who microwaved tomato soup.  Well, half a carton of tomato soup.  Then would leave half a carton of hot soup on the windowsill for the next day where it would be microwaved again.  Didn’t put it in the fridge. The smell of tomato soup lingered over the entire first floor.  Bit rough.

Like the soup endeavour of last year, this will also make your house smell funky.



Erm. Alright. Nothing overly special.


Chop, boil, sieve. Bang.

Make again?

Nope. Reaffirmed why I’m not a tomato soup fan.


Learn anything new?

Really no.


Didn’t make a single one.

Score (out of 10)

Lukewarm 4.

This recipe can be found on page 67 of the GHCC.  You can read all about this challenge by clicking here.

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