Last time, I picked a dish from the GHCC called Kromeskies and they were one of the low points.  They were this weird thick roux mixed with cooked mince meat, wrapped in bacon, dipped in batter and deep fried; which I dismissed as the GHCC trying to be exotic and including Polish recipes.  I thought we could come full circle and as soon as I saw the recipe title “Polish Faworki” it was an immediate yes.  The first sweet offering in this Good Housing Keeping’s Cooking Compendium Challenge.


A very stiff dough made from plain four, egg, sour cream, vinegar and a pinch of salt is rolled thin and then cut into little long rectangles about 1inch by 3inches thick. This is ridiculously stiff.  It was really hard to roll out and I think they are supposed to be a lot thinner.


Sliced down the middle and then one end is threaded through to the middle to give it quite an attractive twist.  I was worried the dough would rip but as it is so stiff, this wouldn’t be an issue.  They are then deep fried.


Good. Not sweet at all so I covered them in icing sugar. They were surprisingly light and not greasy. Like a crisp edge of a chewy pitta bread.

Fairly easy.  They came out fairly uninformed though.

Make again?
I think I’d like to find a different recipe and give that a bash.
(A quick google turned up this beautiful looking recipe from Magda’s Cauldron – Totally going to give these ones a go)


Learn anything new?
If you want some deep fried dough in a hurry then this is the one for you. Also, GHCC continues to be vague with things like “chill dough” – for how long? or “deep fry in hot fat”.

None.  It doesn’t say how to serve them so I dusted them with icing sugar.  Mr Honey & Dough said they would be better with something to dip them into.

Score (out of 10)
Happy 8.
Solid 10 when dipped in Nutella.


This recipe can be found on page 549 of the GHCC.  You can read all about this challenge by clicking here.

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