This is side recipe is under the title “Minced Meat Hamburgers”.  I present to you the Meat and Potato Loaf.

The general vibe is that hamburgers are too common and not a wholesome family meal.  You can therefore shape the minced meat into a “steak”,  Steak is fancy, you see.


Sorry for blurry photo.

You oven bake this until it’s cooked through, top with mashed potato then pop it back in the oven to get brown and crispy.

IMG_7253 Taste?
I don’t quite know how to feel about this.  It was ok, bit dry. Like a disappointing solid cottage pie. Would have preferred it in burger format. Massively surprised that we’ve got to day six and not had a completely horrifying meal yet.

Exceptionally easy. Mix raw mince with stuff, shape, bake, ice with mashed potato, bake again.

Make again?
Nope. Probably have better things to do with mince. 

Learn anything new?
Erm. Nope.

Not a single one.

Score (out of 10)
Bit of a yawn 4.

This recipe can be found on page 39 of the GHCC.  You can read all about this challenge by clicking here.

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